Baby Massage

Great for bonding and communicating with your baby. Regular massage can help aid sleep by soothing and relaxing your baby, easing colic and constipation, eases pain and discomfort through the release of the bodies natural painkillers, and strengthen your baby’s body systems (immune, circulatory, respiratory systems) Specific techniques to help ease teething, colic, constipation and asthma are taught too. 

Baby massage can be tailored to address your baby's individual needs for example muscular tension as a result of a traumatic birth. Also helps to build your confidence in being a parent.

Classes are highly participative with ample opportunity to massage your baby in the class in a relaxed, informal supportive and enjoyable atmosphere.

 Group Classes run over 5, 1 hourly weekly classes at various venues

One-to-One Sessions provided in the comfort of your own home over 2-3 sessions or as required. 

Massage oil or wax is provided. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring along a towel for your baby to lie on.

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