Massage at Work (Corporate)

Many companies in Scotland are now taking proactive action to help improve their employee’s health, and in turn, their company’s performance, by providing their staff with the opportunity of massage in the workplace.

Green Massage Therapy has and currently works with banks, public sector, construction and manufacturing companies to help them achieve and improve their Healthy Working Lives Award status, overall performance and employee well being by providing massage in the workplace.

Massage at work can be offered on a regular basis (monthly, weekly) or to conicide with specific events in your organisation such as staff away days, training sessions, Back Care Awareness Week or National Stress Awareness Day.

Massage at work can fit neatly into the modern working environment. A small area would be required to carry out the massage, which can fit conveniently into lunch time, or other scheduled breaks throughout the working day.

The type of massage most suitable to the workplace is on-site massage and/or Indian head massage. 

On-site massage is a form of seated massage, which is given, in a specially designed chair. The client is fully clothed and no oils are used. It has been specifically designed to be taken into the workplace and other busy environments. Using acupressure and other massage techniques to the the back and upper body, it relaxes then invigorates and is proven to help reduce muscular tension, RSI, and boost immune system. The massage normally last about 15 minutes.

The cost of the massage can be covered in various ways. The main methods companies in the past have paid are
 The company covers the full cost of the massage and pays the therapist direct
 The company subsidies the massage paying part of the cost to the therapist and the employee covering the remaining cost and pays the therapist direct
 The employee pays the full cost direct to the therapist

If you think that your organisation would benefit from massage at work and would like to discuss your requirements please contact Green Massage Therapy on: or 07860 164 083